The Programmer Hiring Playbook

Learn to Assemble Web, Software, and Engineering Teams That Play Well Together

Have you been tasked with hiring programmers but don’t know where to begin? Have past hires not worked out, and now you’re searching for a better plan?

This short, no-fluff playbook will teach you a new plan today.

You’ll learn a comprehensive, adaptable system for interviewing, testing, and hiring programmers that covers technical ability and team fit.

The Playbook Includes

  • The surprising things that motivate programmers, and how to keep them happy long-term.
  • The three types of projects and programmers, and how to tell which are right for your unique needs.
  • The eight programmer-specific behaviors that reveal whether a candidate will play well with your team, and how to interview for those behaviors.
  • A guide for writing job descriptions that attract a few great candidates instead of a lot of marginal ones.
  • A core set of interviews and questions, and examples of how to combine them into hiring plans for different seniority levels.
  • How to create real-world-inspired tests that reveal more about candidates than algorithm tests and other generic interview exercises.
  • Programmer-to-programmer exercises, interviews, and questions that will get team members involved in the hiring process.
  • Downloadable interview templates.

Who Should Read This Book

This Playbook is for anyone who participates in hiring programmers, including programmers, technical team leads, and other technology managers. Recruiters, human resources professionals, and non-technical business sponsors also will find it useful, but a few aspects are technical in nature and you’ll have best results if you can involve someone technical in your hiring process.

Stop wondering what to look for when interviewing programmers. Read this book and you can start executing a proven plan today.